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Digital Mailroom management 

A digital mailroom will help by digitising, and classifying your mail so that you can identify, distribute, share and store your customer and employee communications.

Benefits of a digital mailroom:

  • Instant & secure digital access to business-critical information

  • Centralised management of all incoming mail

  • Remote access and distribution on physical post

  • Process inbound emails and email attachments

  • Reduce cost of mailroom operations

  • Improve efficiency of information dependent business processes

  • Leverage intelligence to automate classification and distribution of inbound information

  • Instant & secure digital access to business-critical information

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Banking & Financial Services

The confidentiality and security of documents is critical for all financial operations whether its account opening or managing loan and credit card applications. Also, the success of their business depends on servicing their customers faster empowered by accurate information in the hands of the account managers and customer service executives.

How a digital mailroom can help banking and financial services:

  • Enable easy onboarding of customers
  • Capture customer information digitally to conduct KYC checks
  • Centralise all customer information in one place
  • Route customer information to designated team members
  • Respond to customers quickly

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Insurance & Claims Industry

Insurance industry is very competitive where the speed and agility of responding to a customer request, claim or complaint could be critical for the business.

Digital mailroom solution enables insurance firms to:

  • Respond to customers faster and might tight SLA’s to respond to queries
  • Make information about your customers, suppliers or employees more accessible to staff while maintaining security
  • Powerful e-discovery and for faster enquiry retrieval
  • Make accurate customer data available to remote teams, securely
  • Meet compliance requirements while maintain audit trails

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Legal Services

Legal services are quite tightly governed by regulations around data privacy and confidentiality. It is equally challenged by the increase in billing staff wasting time on collating or distributing information.

Digital mailroom can resolve these issues for the legal sector helping them:

  • reduce non-billable time for staff and reduce operational cost
  • enable remote sharing of case files
  • ensure data protection and compliance by restricting access to information and providing strong governance and control
  • Centralised digital information helps towards e-discovery

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Transport and logistics

A lot of exchange of information occurs in the transportation and logistics industry because of the various parties involved in completing an order and completing the order to cash cycle. The information is received in the organisations as paper, email, MFD’s and mobile devices that the field staff carry.

  • Bill of laden document extraction
  • Invoice and credit collections
  • Capturing loads
  • Strengthen information security measures
  • Streamline processes by speeding up exchange of information

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Greater Productivity, Performance and Peace of Mind

Speed up processes, avoid data entry errors, reduce processing costs and gain control of your incoming and outgoing mail.


Communicate the way your customers want - from multiple channels

Simplify customer onboarding, increase customer retention, speed up response times, and put your customer first.

IT Manager


"The digital mailroom has been an integral part of our digital transformation project, streamlining mail processing and improving control over documents"

Managing Director


"We've achieved faster turnaround of customer responses, and improved decision-making due to consistently higher quality of information."

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Quickly engage your customers anytime, anywhere with the only Mailroom Automation solution that accepts customer mail on all channels and provides complete and actionable mail processing visibility.

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