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Avoid common mistakes, get ahead of the competition, and realise the full potential of your data with a Digital Mailroom.
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What's In the eBook?

It is estimated that 80% of the documents your organisation receives are in a semi or unstructured nature. Learn how to avoid this, and many other potential pitfalls of your Digital Transformation in the ebook - The Digital Mailroom, Your guide to successful Digital Transformation in 2021.

Incoming documents are in paper form, email, website uploads and portal submisions.
Capture and allow AI and machine learning to understand and extract the right data.
Drive business efficiency and interact with customers via any channel they use to contact.

About the Author


Tim Miller
Digital Transformation Specialist, Twofold Ltd

'I am a gadget geek, I don’t just automate our customers, I surround my life with technical augmentations.'

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 What is a Digital Mailroom?
Chapter 3 Managing incoming documents?
Chapter 2 5 Myths of the Digital Mailroom
Chapter 4 Top Ten Tips for Success in 2021