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Prevent costly housing disrepair claims 

See how your organisation can automate workflows to ease employee workloads and improve customer satisfaction.

Tenants demand timely repairs, yet manual administration slows down the process. With a backlog of repairs brought on in the wake of COVID-19, are you buried under the administrative stress of connecting the dots between different suppliers, tenant complaints, booking in labour, and notifying the tenant of progress? 

You'll see first-hand how to:

  • Manage complaints centrally using web forms.
  • Store all complaints in one central, cloud-based system with secure access for your disparate, remote teams.
  • Automatically recognise, log, and assign incoming complaints.
  • Ensure you meet required housing association service standards.
  • Share information with agencies / external bodies quickly, securely, and efficiently.

Watch the webinar to see how Docuware can enable housing associations to manage customer queries and complaints faster and more efficiently.

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Housing disrepair claims blog

Find out how the recent legislation changes have led to a drastic increase in costly disrepair claims, and importantly - how to avoid them.

With an automated complaint handling workflow you'll reduce workload, increase repair times, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Your office - anywhere

Business is no longer restricted to the office - you need to capture information to allow it to flow seamlessly between departments and decision makers - from anywhere and from any device.

The user-friendly solution will give practical benefits in fewer than 5 days, book a meeting to find out more.


Work from anywhere

If your team is at the office, on the road, or at home - make sure they have access to documents, and can respond to customer requests quickly and with compliance.


Document management

It's not just tenant complaints that can be managed - once you see the capabilities of DocuWare you'll see opportunities to improve processes and save time and money.

HR Manager


"Value for my HR team is one thing, but this solution makes life better for every employee"

Managing Director


"DocuWare offers the kind of flexibility and scalability that works perfectly with our business processes.."

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DocuWare offers comprehensive features for digitising information and business processes through multitenant SaaS public cloud services, traditional on-premises deployments, and a range of hybrid solutions. 

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