Make elections less of a headache

Automate envelope opening, capture data, save time, create less waste, and prevent damage to mail.

Does the team at your organisation currently open your election mail by hand? Take the hassle out of your mail opening with automatic letter openers, and capture data quickly and accurately with scanners. Simply stack the envelopes in the letter opener, set to run, and have your election mail opened for you, neatly, and efficiently.

Our machines can open and extract the contents from up to 2,000 envelopes per hour.  The precise opening of the envelopes avoids damage to contents so data can be easily processed. Emptiness detection ensures no documents go astray.

Easy to install, easy to operate, and ... easy to see why you'd want one!

We've supplied letter openers, extractors, scanners, and envelopes to Councils all over the UK, and can offer short-term lease, and full maintenance cover for the duration of their use.

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  • Save you time - Take your manual, time-consuming tasks and automate them
  • Save on waste - Neat, damage-free extraction of envelope contents 
  • Improve security - Collect sensitive data in a safe and secure manner

TF0-3056 LPThe TFo-3056 is quick and reliable making it an absolute necessity for the busy mailroom.The operator simply needs to load and unload the envelopes. The large feeder and stacker capacity allows the machine to continue running during the entire process. 

More About System Integration

Find out a little more about mailroom automation from Twofold Ltd

Businesses are striving towards a paperless office, but the truth is that at some point in the document handling process there are going to be hard copies to deal with. With the range of mailroom equipment available from Twofold Ltd, you’ll have the ability to manage your customers’ documents – no matter how they are sent in.

Whether you’re receiving documents or sending documents out through the mail; the task of having to separate multi-part forms, or validate secure documents is a laborious task that takes up valuable staff resources. To help you manage the workload we have a large range of machines to automate many of these processes, from folder inserters, letter openers, and franking machines, to scanners and multifunction devices.

At Twofold, we are experts in mailroom solutions and we are able to develop a bespoke solution to address your needs at your organisation.

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