Reduce costs and streamline processes with a Twofold Mailroom health check.

A Twofold Mailroom health check is designed to highlight and rectify processes that result in high costs and inefficiencies. It will provide a FREE report analysing your mail operation to identify:

  • Process bottlenecks
  • Streamlining options
  • Potential cost savings
  • Volume related discounts

As one of the premier mailroom and digital document management service providers, Twofold is uniquely placed to evaluate your current solution. We identify areas of improvement and offer both advice and a pathway forward based on our experience and understanding gained from decades of providing the very best technology solutions to our customers.

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Some questions about your Twofold mailroom healthcheck

Q: What is a Twofold mailroom health check?

A: Very simply it’s us offering you the experience of our experts for a day to review your mail processes.

Q: Why is that important?

A: If your mail throughput is anywhere close to 1,000 items a day then a streamlined mail process combined with the right equipment can save you many thousands of pounds over the course of a financial year.

Consider this… the average mail item is touched over half a dozen times before it reaches its final destination within your organisation, and each of those touches will add time and cost money. A fully optimised process can reduce those touches down to as low as two!

Q: What does a Twofold health check involve?

A: Our expert will arrive ahead of your first delivery so that they can observe the process from the very start. They will track the journey each item takes and identify areas where your process can be refined or where technology can assist with streamlining.
As a consultation this service would be worth in excess of £1,000, however, we’re offering this service and the report it produces for free.

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