LegalEx 2017


Why are Law Firms adopting Digital Mailrooms

This year the LEGALEX show was held on the 28th and 29th of March, and Twofold were there answering one simple question....

The simple answer is twofold, to save cost and comply with regulations. Law firms that fail to keep up with the advances in technology will fall by the wayside as more efficient firms "eat their lunch”.

To understand why you need to adopt this proven approach you need to take a step back and understand what a true digital mailroom is. In the modern world, your firm needs to communicate (receive and send information) across multiple channels including the web, email, social media, mobile and paper.

This isn’t news or an earth-shattering insight, yet nearly half of all firms still don’t have a single solution to manage all their inbound and outbound communications.  They have one team opening the post, emails are read by fee earners, the web site receives information into eForms and social media is monitored by marketing. The Case Management system is updated by fee earners, their juniors or clerical teams and letters and emails are generated either in an automated way or manually written. This all costs time and money and represents a compliance risk if there are disparate systems or people involved. This work can now be automated.

The simple answer is to adopt a single technology platform called a digital mailroom.


Cost Saving

It has been estimated that 80% of the time and effort taken by clerical teams to process documents could be eliminated. But the knock-on effect is that it would make fee earners up to 20% more efficient as well. Experience tells us that making all the fee earners more efficient is 50 times more beneficial than just the clerical team, but a legal digital mailroom will do both.


Depending upon which type of Law you practice it will bring with it a raft of regulations and rules to comply with. Typically, a Legal Digital Mailroom is designed to enforce these rules 24 x 7 with no human frailty.



Tim Miller

Digital Transformation Expert

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