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Digital document management solutions for insurance companies


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Improve claims processing and customer satisfaction

The insurance industry relies on document management to communicate with customers efficiently. Clients submit claims in a range of methods and formats, and you need to be able to process them all swiftly however they arrive. While PDF files are undeniably the standard for document submission, your customers expect to be able to send documents in their preferred method - either paper or electronic - from anywhere, so having the ability to process all documents equally is important.

Your document management doesn’t end with incoming files, as you need to access historical client records for you to process claims. These are often physical records held in various filing facilities which will need to be requested, picked, and retrieved before being sent to the relevant employee for processing. This may take valuable time, which is costly for the insurance company and can cause frustration for the client. In some instances, these paper documents may even be lost or damaged, further delaying the process and possibly damaging the reputation of the company.

Making document management easier and safer with a digital mailroom

With electronic capture and storage these problems can be overcome. With a digital mailroom, confidential documents containing personal data can be captured electronically upon receipt and stored centrally in a secure repository.

Storing electronic files in this way will eliminate the risk of documents becoming misfiled, lost, or tampered with as only employees with the correct permissions can request to view or edit files. They can be accessed electronically in moments and this will improve customer service levels, customer retention, and employee job satisfaction.


Benefits of electronic document management software for insurance firms:

  • Streamline paper-based processes to save time

Workflows become more efficient as electronic files are sent to their destination faster without the need to file paper documents in filing cabinets or physical storage facilities.

  • Be part of your customers’ ‘digital first’ world

Enable integration of process documents from multiple communication channels with electronic document management – from paper-based, email, webform or other channels.

  • Solve customer queries and claims faster

With a centralised repository documents can be shared quickly and accurately with remote workers and field agents to efficiently settle claims and improve the flow of documents for claim handling, approvals, and underwriting.

  • Secure, error-free storage of documents

Electronic document management systems improve compliance with regulatory requirements. With an audit trail of user and system activity this assists with the business’ records management and compliance with GDPR.

What's stopping you from investing in document management software?

The benefits are clear, and it may seem a simple decision to embrace electronic document management, but it can appear an overwhelming project. There is still resistance from some businesses to invest in the digital tools that can solve these issues, however, the increasing pressure from clients who want to communicate in the new digital world is making more companies to look at their options. If you recognise the need to modernise, then the time is right to take the next step and find the right electronic document management solution for your business.

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How do I find the right tools for electronic document management?

If you’ve always relied on physical documents, then it can be a daunting task to understand what you need as you assess your existing processes. Our consultants can help you here as we are partnered with world class solution providers and have assisted many businesses to transform and simplify their processes. There are some things you can consider right now - where are your documents stored, how are they organised, is there a process to scan incoming documents, and are files editable once stored?

Another consideration might be, what third party organisations are part of your workflows? If you are still largely working with a paper-based system you may find further challenges to get that data digitised and analysed ready to begin your digital transformation. This is where we can help guide you to the most efficient way to quickly get them into an electronic format with scanners and capture software.

Get the process right now, and future proof your business

It’s essential that these are considered from the outset, as your document organisation is the foundation of a reliable system for storage and retrieval. Getting this right will save time as you digitise more processes, editing, analysing and working across multiple formats, from remote locations and devices. Twofold Ltd will be happy to help choose the right document management solution for you based on your needs or even optimise an existing solution. Talk to one of our business consultants today about your document management needs.

What next?

Twofold Ltd assists business to overcome these challenges with our range of business software solutions. From secure scanning and capture, to document management and full digital transformation, contact us via the form here, or give the team a call on 0118 951 9800.

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Document Management products specialist

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