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Bring your workplace resources to your home office with the cloud


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Struggling to access workplace documents from your home office?

We have the answer – cloud-based document management

Even though working from home has become more normal over the last few years with remote workers logging in from their home office or out on the road, there has still been resistance from businesses and managers to fully embrace this. One of the reasons for this has been the lack of availability of your resources normally located in the workplace, making your time out of the office less productive as you search for documents from various sources.

There has been a 30% increase in homeworking in the last 5 years 


Things are changing - fast

Since the start of the year the working environment has changed for the vast majority of us and working from home, or WFH, has become the rule (literally, by government order), rather than the exception. Many of our customers using document management software have already seen the advantages of cloud-based working with software from DocuWare, and OnBase which Twofold supply and support. Now, even more businesses are seeing that this transition to the home office can go smoothly as they discover that they still have access to their documents, communicate with their teams, and don’t suffer any disruption to daily tasks. With the addition of mobile apps to fully support you wherever you need to work, you’re ready to address all the challenges that WFH could present.

Flexible working has been shown to be beneficial for people’s mental health

Cloud-based document management can be used to overcome some of the challenges working remotely can present.

  • Access to documents - Your employees have access to information anywhere, and at any time. Cloud-based solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP, CRM, and other applications
  • Staying connected - No VPN is required, all you need is a browser to access documents, store files, and share information – all with a centralised repository. Always get access to the right file, from the right place, no matter where the team members are located.
  • No delays - Speedy access to documents – shared folders can frustrate workers with slow access, or limited functionality meaning your teams are no longer able to collaborate as easily as before. Cloud-based working with DocuWare overcomes this problem.
  • Strain on IT - No complicated maintenance or ongoing input needed from IT. You can free up your IT department for other projects as cloud services assume the responsibility of upgrades and security patches for you.
  • Document Security – you’ve got the advantage of the cloud service provider’s large scale security capabilities, which go way beyond anything a single company could manage alone.

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Get mobile - using apps to work anywhere using your phone or tablet

Access on the go - Use your phone or tablet to access the cloud with the DocuWare app. The free app can be connected to DocuWare Cloud via a QR code or to an on-premises system through one mobile license. Employees can also use their mobile devices to scan documents into the system.

  • Electronic signatures – using DocuWare’s electronic signatures you can get legally binding sign off from any location. Keep the process moving and prevent frustration as your deals get signed even if you can’t meet your client. These can be combined with web-based forms and allow you to keep all of your contracts, vendor support and internal auditing on track.

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While working in the office environment has its obvious benefits, from human interaction, collaborating on projects, and the accessibility to office resources, recent world events have shown us that much more can be done remotely. We have seen CVs viewed and assessed by teams online, job interviews carried out on video conference calls, and whole employee onboarding procedures completed remotely setting up new employees in their home office – things that would previously have been seen as impossible. With cloud-based document management, you remove barriers and allow new ways of working that allow your business to thrive in otherwise difficult circumstances.

To find out more about how Twofold Ltd can help you to allow your employees to work successfully from home now, and in the future, please get in touch.

Contact me via the form here, or give the team a call on 0118 951 9800.

Karen James

Document management product specialist

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