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Why should you use a folder inserter?


What are the benefits of a folder inserter?

At one time, filling envelopes was a job done entirely by hand, with temporary staff employed to stuff and seal mail at times when volumes are high. This is obviously not ideal, as human error is more likely, and there may be sensitive confidential documents being handled. Thankfully there is an answer … the folder inserter.

What is a folder inserter?

What’s a folder inserter? Well, the clue is in the name, they fold and insert paper into envelopes. They are known as envelope stuffers to many of our customers, and these relatively simple machines can make a huge impact on your business.

Introducing a folder inserter to a busy mailroom will instantly get results. Instead of spending hours folding paper documents and collating inserts to place into envelopes by hand, you can leave it all to the machine, increasing the efficiency of your department, improving the entire process and doing a consistently accurate and neat job of it.

The main benefits of a folder inserter for your business 


Do you regularly send out multiple documents inside one envelope? Invoices, offers, letters and even CDs and booklets can be inserted automatically. With a folder inserter set up with multiple feeders you can drop in different items easily, speeding up the entire process.

the addition of scanners and software to read special barcode markings, you can track the contents, ensuring only the right documents go into the right envelopes. This is vital where security is an issue and regulations such as GDPR need to be followed strictly.


You can take this level of automation a step further with personalisation of your mail. With these scanners in place your text recognition software can place personalised fliers into your mail. This allows you to speak to your customers in a direct way, increasing the chances of engagement without impacting your speed and efficiency in filling your envelopes.

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The speed that these machines works is just astounding. If you’re used to filling envelopes by hand, then prepare yourself to see a day’s work managed in just an hour. Ranging from just a few thousand items an hour, up to five thousand an hour, with multiple inserts, and duplication detection.

All of this with simple, easy to understand operation and pre-set configuration so even infrequent users can get the job done. Just load up with your documents and envelopes, press start and leave the folder inserter to do the rest.


Even the most eagle-eyed and conscientious worker will occasionally make mistakes, especially with mundane repetitive tasks like placing documents into envelopes and sealing them. With an automating folder inserter, you have complete accuracy and no human error. As long as you set the machine up, and have the right documents in place, it will fill every one with the right documents. This means that none of your outgoing mail will end up with the wrong recipient, especially important with GDPR as documents going to the wrong recipient can lead to huge fines.

Cost and scalability

If you’ve never used a folder inserter machine buying one may seem expensive, but with options to lease, and when you see the savings you can make over its lifetime you will realise that it pays for itself. By allowing your staff to carry out more valuable tasks you’ll achieve more and increase the business efficiency.

The choice of machines can grow with your business, from a smaller desktop machine to a large multi-feeder machine with arrange of attachments and software.

At Twofold Ltd, we sell and lease folder inserters, franking machines, and other mailroom equipment, so if you are interested in taking advantage of the financial benefits of franked mail, or mailroom automation, please get in touch.

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Robert Kenny

Mailroom Equipment Expert

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