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Will Document Management Software improve productivity?


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Improve data processes across your organisation

How much of your time is spent actually doing your job? I’m not suggesting you spend your day looking out of the window, or scrolling through social media, I mean how much of your time is spent using the data you have?

For example, it’s estimated that a typical worker will take 12 minutes to process just a single document.

Of those 12 minutes, 9 minutes are spent searching for, retrieving, and then re-filing the document. You will already have worked out the simple maths – only three minutes are spent actually using that information.

All of that time spend manually searching, copying, scanning, faxing and hand delivering is costly, frustrating for workers, and at every stage leaves room for error. Apart from this, your employees are concentrating more on the inefficient processes of handing the document than they are on the productive use of the information.

With a well-planned and implemented document management system, you can empower your staff. By allowing them to work more efficiently and make decisions rather than simply part of an assembly line of copying and filing document, they will feel more valued.

How does document management software improve security?

Your document management software simplifies, organises and automates to make manual tasks a thing of the past, making your workers’ jobs easier and more meaningful.

  • Structured data becomes accessible, searchable, and accurate
  • No information is overlooked, with the right information provided at the right time
  • Documents can quickly and securely be shared between employees and customers

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Document management in the mailroom

Even though all of your data will be stored digitally, and sent out in this format wherever possible, there may still be a need to send out paper documents, and thankfully the complete document management solution goes beyond software alone.

With folder inserter machines you can batch documents and automatically insert them into envelopes. More advanced machines have optical mark readers (OMR) which allow a further degree of security and automation. The OMR marks are marks on the document which allow the equipment to insert specific inserts into envelopes, prevent double feeds, and allows for greater security and GDPR compliance.

The benefits of a folder inserter with OMR capabilities are:

  • Faster mail processing
  • Remove human error
  • Improve efficiency by inserting multiple documents for one customer
  • Easily add documents
  • Analytics for mail management

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What next?

Twofold Ltd assists businesses to overcome these challenges with our range of business software solutions. From secure scanning and capture, to document management and full digital transformation, contact us via the form here, or give the team a call on 0118 951 9800.

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Peter Kiddle

Business Process Consultant

Peter Kiddle Business Process Consultant at Twofold Ltd